Product Lineup

With its wide range of product lineups, we aim to meet various needs for fur-like eco fur™ material, as well as sustainable eco fur™ materials.


KANECARON™ is a modacrylic fiber with numerous product lineups to meet every customer’s needs such as sliminess, shrinkage, several levels of dullness, and brightness depending on the type of fabric design, dope-dyed, and others. KANECARON™ also provides fibers in various lengths and fineness which could be applied to numerous design plans.

Sustainable Material

KANEKA Recycled Polyester

Kaneka recycled polyester fiber is a brand-new sustainable eco fur™ material partially made from recycled plastic bottles. With the characteristic of excellent nap, light and soft-feathery touch, we aim to produce Kaneka Recycled Polyester as the eco fur™ material with a texture close to real fur.


KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™ Fiber (Under Development)

Kaneka Biodegradable Biopolymer Green Planet™, is a 100% biomass-derived fiber which biodegrades even in seawater, under certain conditions. Now, we are developing the fiberization of this product and applying it as eco fur™ and apparel material.


KANEKA Bio-PET Fiber (Under Development)

We are aiming to reduce the environmental impacts of GHG by developing a brand-new fiber made from carbon dioxide.


Representative of eco fur™ Fabric

Fox and Racoon Type


Sable Type


Mink Type


Chinchilla and Rabbit Type


Mongolian Sheep Type


Rabbit Type