What is Eco Fur?
About Ecofur​

Eco fur is a self-standing fibrous material that uses synthetic fibers in place of animal fur.

It's praised for allowing the enjoyment of fur fashion without the harming of animals.

Origins of Eco Fur

Eco fur refers to self-standing fibrous materials that use synthetic fibers in place of animal fur. Materials referred to as "fake fur" are also eco fur. The term "eco fur" has been used in recent years mainly by fashion magazines and media in place of "fake fur", and today, primarily among the younger generations, it has come to represent a material used in fashion. Fake fur, which began being commonly produced from the 1960s, has seen a steady improvement in technology throughout its long history, and today it is praised for its quality and has come to be used even in luxury brands. Previously, the usage of the word "fake" associated the materials with cheap imitation animal fur goods, and the spreading of the term "eco fur" came about as this association started to change due to the rise in quality of fake fur itself.

Additionally, the charm of eco fur goes beyond simply being imitation fur. It can also be arranged in a variety of colors and designs. The "eco" in eco fur comes from the material's consideration towards the ecosystem, and these materials are praised for allowing the enjoyment of fur fashion without the harming of animals.

Eco Fur and the Protection of Animals

Eco fur is a material that has come further into the spotlight along with the momentum of the animal protection movement.

Since ancient times, the fur of animals has been used as clothing to protect against the cold. In the cold climate of Northern Europe in particular, fur was a necessity of life. As humans prospered economically, the value of animal fur as an asset gained attention, and as a result this also led to a rise in overhunting and breeding industries. Then, as we entered the 21st century, the cruel handling of animals in these breeding farms was brought to the forefront.

During this time, there was an increase in brands that declared they would abandon their use of animal fur; from fast fashion brands to luxury brands. Furthermore, in December 2018, 953 brands joined the fur free program that was expanded to various countries by the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), a coalition that opposes the use of animal fur.

Major brands that have declared their abolishment of animal fur usage in recent years (examples).






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